Service to generate Europe-based invoices
No more lost customers
in Europe or the USA
For individual contractors from CIS, EasyStart is a ready-to-use mechanism to get paid and hired by most international companies.
Now you can offer optimal prices for your services on Western markets. Through EasyStart, you will receive 100% official fees.
Companies in Europe and the USA can offer more challenging and higher-paid projects. Thus, you widen your opportunities to grow professionally and get high rates.

Raise your income

You no longer have to waste your time on registering a legal entity or opening an account with a foreign bank. EasyStart will take on the legal side of complying with foreign laws, whereas you can earn your money.

Sell your services legally using convenient functionality

With EasyStart, you can issue an invoice for your foreign customers in USD or EUR. The payment will be transferred to your card in your card currency.

Issue invoices in foreign currencies

Your customers do not have to sign up for the service. They will receive invoices from a Europe-based legal entity and pay them smoothly with their banks or fiscal authorities.

Streamline this legal path for your customer

Fees for service providers

How it all works

We support various banks and payment systems such as Revolut, Wise, PayPal, ECommPay, Stripe, Bankera, Papaya, Platio, TransferGo. You will be able to transfer your money to cards in any convenient currency: EUR, USD, etc. without any hidden charges.
to be able to issue invoices
Sign up with EasyStart, wait until your personal account is verified, and input your customers’ details
Fill in the payment form. The system issues a relevant Invoice for you
Send this Invoice to your customer by email or by any other means
Once the payment is received, you see it in your account
Withdraw money to your account or card in any currency