For the payment come through successfully, please follow these rules:
  • No registration needed: you will only need to authorize with your Google account to make a payment
  • Follow the detailed and illustrative instructions carefully
  • Do not mix up bank account details for different payment methods
  • Choose one currency: if you are making a payment in EUR, please choose bank account details for EUR payments, if the sum you are sending is in USD, please choose the USD ones
  • In order for us to receive the transfer and to know exactly who the transfer is intended to, we kindly ask you to specify the obligatory data (specified in the invoice you are paying) and not a Name and Surname of your freelancer. For regular payments, be sure to change your invoice number each time you make a new transfer
  • We reserve the right to request the results of the provided service at any time to confirm the transaction
  • If a physical person appears as a payer in the payment details of the invoice created for a legal entity, we may ask you to confirm the connection between this physical person and the legal entity mentioned in the invoice
  • We highly recommend sending your freelancer the payment confirmation document every time you make a transaction
  • The invoice payment is the final stage of the deal. By making the payment, you confirm that the service has been completed to your satisfaction and in full accordance with the agreement
  • We are constantly searching for better, more efficient and faster payment solutions for you and your freelancers. Due to this, the details in the invoices may change. Invoices always contain accurate information on the date they are issued — we kindly ask you to pay attention to this aspect
  • The service reserves the right to check the compliance of the deal data at any time: to request evidence of the service provided or a set of payer documents. The payment will be rejected if the data in the invoice differs from a real payer
  • The service also reserves the right to refuse acceptance of funds and process their refund on its discretion
  • If you have any questions, issues or doubts, do not hesitate to contact our support!

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