To start receiving payments via EasyStart, you need to create and set up your personal account.

To do this, go to this link and fill in your email and phone number, and then create a password. The email has to be valid so that you can receive confirmation of the email address linked to your account. The password can be any, but it should be at least 6 characters long. After that, you will receive an activation link via email — click on it to confirm your email address. You will be redirected to the login window; enter your email and password to access your personal account.

Next, you will land on the My Profile page in your personal account. Now you need to fill in your details. To do this, click on Edit at the bottom of the page, fill in the fields, and save the information. All fields are mandatory.


Enter your real data, as during the verification stage, you will need to upload a document for confirmation.

Please note that:
  • You can fill in fields with personal information in English only

  • In the Address field, provide the full address with the street name, house and apartment numbers

  • Initially, your status in the service is Unverified. To start using all the features of the service, you need to fill out your profile and complete verification
For freelancers
For freelancers