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For successful cooperation with our service, we kindly ask you to carefully review the following rules and regulations and adhere to them throughout all stages of our collaboration:

  • Customer = sender of the payment, the payment will be rejected if the customer's data in the invoice differs from the actual payer's data

  • It is not allowed to conduct transactions between your own accounts within our service. Such operations may lead to the permanent suspension of your account

  • EasyStart is a platform designed for receiving payments for services provided. Consequently, we reserve the right to request the outcomes of the rendered services at any time to verify the transaction

  • We reserve the right to request information about the customer to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction

  • Payments made via the Stripe link (invoices paid with a credit card) will be on hold for a period of 3 days before the amount becomes available for withdrawal

  • We also reserve the right to refuse service in cases involving a high risk of fraudulent transactions

  • Payments may be returned to the sender if incorrect data is provided during payment or at our initiative in such cases as if the information in the invoice does not match the actual payer’s information, if the received amount is less than expected and the freelancer declines to accept it, our security system identifies the transaction as fraudulent, etc.

Please note: withdrawal to cryptocurrency and the removal of the hold are available to users who have gained the TRUSTED status. To obtain this status, you have to:
  1. Have no chargebacks in the last 4 months
  2. Receive payment from 3 or more different clients
  3. Receive 20 or more payments
  4. The total amount of payments over time should be more than 3000 EUR/USD

All four criteria must be met simultaneously to obtain the TRUSTED status. Users who do not meet at least one of the four criteria cannot be classified as TRUSTED. After obtaining this status, funds received via the Stripe payment link will not be held for 3 days, and cryptocurrency withdrawal will be available.

Your current statistics is available in the Funding and payouts → Summary section of your personal account

By registering with our service, you automatically agree to comply with these conditions


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For freelancers