Публичный профиль
With a public profile, receiving payments becomes even quicker and easier! Simply provide your client with a link to your EasyLancer public profile.

Please note: in order for the customer to be able to make payments through a public profile, they have to make the first payment through the EasyBusy freelance marketplace.

To create and edit your profile, go to the My profile tab → Public settings and fill in the necessary information.

Public profile

A visual guide on setting up EasyLancer is available here. Your customer will only see the information you provided during the creation of your public profile (real data used for registration and verification will not be displayed).

Once your profile is set up, share the link with your customer and inform them of the amount to be paid. For your customer convenience, you can also provide a visual file with payment instructions in English.

After accessing your profile, the customer needs to log in using their email and fill in the required details in the following form:
Service name: the service name will be set by default according to what you specified in the profile settings
Cardholder name: the customer’s first and last name as indicated on their bank card. It is crucial to provide accurate information, as any mismatches may result in payment failure
Country: the customer’s country

Immediately after clicking the Pay the invoice button, the customer will be redirected to the credit card payment form.
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For freelancers